Upgrade Options for Trak Hamr Self Install Quad Kits

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If you are looking to upgrade your standard TrakHamr  Self Install Kit to include Track Readiness Capabilities, many options are available, from Performance Shocks, Upgraded Big Brake Kits to  race ready Sway Bars .  All Things Slingshot also offers the complete Forced Induction and Forged Engine components from the Industries best , like ZZP and DDMWORKS.   

The Following Kits are available , as an upgrade, to the standard components when ordering your new Trak Hamr Quad kit. 

 QAI Front Coil Over Shocks- Adjustable Ride Height

QA1’s shocks and struts are optimized to enhance performance by providing a soft, comfortable ride at the low end of operation or a firm, high performance ride at the high end of operation. Changing the valving on adjustable shocks and struts is as simple as turning the knob on the base of the shock, giving you the versatility to go from the strip to the street without ever removing the shock or strut from the vehicle.


Double Adjustable- Truly independent compression and rebound adjustment, 18 positions of rebound on one knob and 18 positions of compression on the other knob, providing 324 valving combinations, One shock allows for the ultimate in fine-tuning for any competitive application.      Single Adjustable- Simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment on one knob, 18 valving positions Great for performance street driving or  for the rear in drag racing. 


TrakHamr™ Trak Pak QA1 Double Adjustable front coil over shocks,+$575.00  

TrakHamr™ Trak Pak QA1 Double Adjustable Rear Shocks, + $ 235.00 Upgrade,    (324 click selections, non coil over)  Standard kit comes complete with Single Adjustable QA1 shocks (18 click selections)


TrakHamr™ TrackPak Stoptech Big Brake System, Includes oversized floating rotors, drilled and slotted , (4) all the way around, and Stoptech radial mounted calipers, with Hawk Pads, Extremely Effective, Track Ready, Aggressive Braking.+$3295.00 Upgrade


TrakHamr™ Trak Pak, Race Ready, Sway Bar, +$595.00 Upgrade from the standard street use, Corvette sway bar included