Twist Dynamics Stingray Top for The Slingshot

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Twist Dynamics Stingray Top for The Slingshot

The Stingray Roof System is the culmination of years of industry knowledge and customer insight.  We’ve combined the hard-top coverage of our Stinger/Gullwing Roof Systems with the versatility of the Canvas Roof System.  The result is a one-of-a-kind, adjustable roof system capable of dispensing coverage from the elements at a moment’s notice.  The sliding panel system allows both the driver and passenger to simultaneously choose their own comfort level with respect to how much or how little shade they receive.  Each panel moves independent of the other and can be locked in the forward or rear position while driving.  Meaning, those who want to enjoy a little sunshine on their ride can indulge while still allowing their companion to relax in the shade.  This feature also ensures that you never get caught out in a surprise rain storm again without coverage…simply reach up, pull the latches, and slide the panels forward without skipping a beat.  No more pulling over to set up canvases or other semi-permanent options!

The center frame of the system is wired up to provide interior lighting and to promote additional add-ons, such as speaker installs, LED strips, etc.  The center support bar doubles as both a mounting point for cell phone holders/rear-view mirrors/additional switches and works to support aftermarket windshield systems (solid shield and adjustable), by utilizing specific windshield mounts designed for this roof system (sold separately).  Finally, this roof system was constructed with a wing-back design in an effort to give this unique product the best possible look right out of the box!

Take advantage of our industry-leading color-match formulation system and choose from an array of colors that will allow this premium roof system to perfectly round out the overall look of your bike, while supplying that extra protection from the elements you desire!



Gloss Black units are typically in stock and available for immediate shipment year-round (some exceptions may apply during peak season).  Other color options generally have a 2–4-week lead time associated with the order.

 SHIPPING- Free shipping via LTL freight


2015 - 2019: All Models

2020 – 2021 Models: Coming Soon! (not yet available)

Does Not Fit 2020+ S model round roll hoops . or 2022+ new base roll hoops, which are the same round tube type. fits only traditional square style roll hoops shown in pictures above.