Stealth LED Fender Light Strip

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Add Stealth LED Lights to your Stealth Fender on your Polaris Slingshot. Plug and Play.

Stealth LED fender light strip for your Polaris Slingshot are assembled in the USA. They are produced using a durable silicone based covering that completely surround circuits and will not degrade attaching adhesives. Most other LED strips are laminated in thermoplastics that can allow moisture intrusion and will off-gas petroleum distillates, eventually breaking down adhesive bonds of even the best attachment systems.
Stealth LED strips securely clip into an extruded poly-carbonate track that secures to the Stealth Fender. Stealth LED strips are delivered with an in-line resetting circuit breaker that protects against failure of delicate circuits during start-and-stop surges that occur on all vehicles. Such features insure a long trouble-free life for the system.
Our Stealth LED strips are custom made to exactly fit the Stealth Fender wire harness, all employing electrical connectors that match stock Polaris connectors while assuring simple installation and reliable performance in the adverse climate under a vehicle fender. No wire splicing necessary, just plug and play.

For the Stealth Fender.

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Installation Video.