SS Body Kits,com Tow Dolly kit,

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SS Body Kits com Tow Dolly kit

SS BODY KITS .COM now offers these knock down dolly kits for the construction of your new purpose built Slingshot dolly.   The kit includes all the structural components fully welded and bracketed to allow for unbolting and knocking down for the storage or shipping of your new fully swivellable Slingshot dolly .

- all structural and non structural steel members welded, then additional bracketry drilled and  
  bolted for knock down storage and shipping capabilities. 
-all bolts, nuts and hardware supplied.
-2 mounted 2 inch tire ratchet straps, one 4 inch safety strap.
-hubs and axles greased and installed , 5 bolt 4 1/2 inch stud centres,
-swivelling tire cradle tray complete, pre rolled, customer to specify rear tire width.
-One base coat black Tremclad, oil based rust paint, a finish coat may be required.                                                                                                                    - A frame hitch coupler, trailer jack, safety chains, and chain stops for swivelling    -Scepter 6000 lb vehicle ramp for loading (roll off curb removed)                            - Optional Magnetic tow lights

-Rims and tires, as those would un-proportionately increase crate size and shipping costs, not to mention trailer tires and rims can be purchased online, delivered throughout the U.S. ( at discounted prices. Our tire suppliers cannot compete, never mind extra shipping costs.   THE RECOMENDED TIRE SIZE IS 185 X 80 X 13 . Larger diameter tires will increase the risk of tires striking dolly on full lock parking lot turns. Stop chain adjustments must be made.

-Final paint touch ups, which may be required after assembly ,a pint of Tremclad Semi Gloss Black Tremclad can be picked up at any Home Depot or similar, use 1'' foam roller to apply. 

 All dollies are shipped with the new version (unpainted one) cradles shown ,using 1 '' round tube verse angle iron for side rails with self centering angles at each end. c/w aluminum checker plate tread. 

Not compatible with  Slingshots that have a rear fender, without customization.

Dolly Fenders are discontinued and no longer available as they were cosmetic only and could cause problems when stop chains are not properly adjusted.

This is a Custom , MADE TO ORDER ITEM, please allow two weeks prior to shipping. 

During these trying times of Covid 19 supply chains, worldwide, are being disrupted, please allow an additional two or three weeks prior to shipping.