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For those who prefer, our luggage kit can now be purchased separately from our rear end body kit, to be added to your existing O.E.M. Slingshot. The detachable hardcases greatly enhance the utilization of your Slingshot allowing you to transport additional luggage to your favorite vacationing destination.   The luggage kit comes complete with two detachable hardcases, now upgraded (at no additional charge) to include top of the line Monokey cases from Givi.  A new mounting plate has been sourced to accommodate the heavier carrying capacity of the Monokeys, Purchasers can choose from either the V47NN  Tech Case or the V46 Tech Case.  all the welded bracketry and stainless hardware is included . The welded brackets will be shipped in black powder coated  and only require the drilling of one hole each side to allow your upper arms to bolt into the rear of your existing luggage pods. the cases are evenly spaced both sides, to allow 1 inch clearance between the right case and the drive belt guard.

.These kits are a made to order item, please allow two weeks prior to  shipping,