RZR 900 / S 1000 Hard Coated Cab Back / Dust Stopper

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Description 2015-18 Polaris RZR Cab Back / Dust Stopper (will not fit the RZR 570) Fits: 2015-18 Model RZR 900, 2015-18 RZR 900-4, 2016-18 RZR-S 900 and 2016-18 RZR-S 1000. WILL NOT FIT: RZR 800, RZR-4, RZR XP1K or any others. CNC Routered from Hard Coat Polycarbonate (both sides). 3/16" Thick. Mounts behind the cage so harness can be used. Still allows access to engine trap door. EMP Etched Logo. Mounts with rubber Fast Straps so you can remove it in seconds. Virtually unbreakable, unlike cheaper acrylic cab backs on the market. Made In Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE: There are tabbed knock outs for rear bars. If you are using optional factory rear bars you can easily cut out the holes for them by simply cutting the three tabs with a jig saw or hack saw. We ship it with the manufacturers protective film on both sides so you can read for yourself that it is made from hard coated material. If the film is removed item can not be returned for any reason. EMP #12696