R-SHOT Rear Mesh Windscreen for the SLINGSHADE TOP

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Developed for those who have the Slingshade and based off the popular original Mesh Windscreen. This will be another fantastic, unique accessory - the look of this Mesh Screen for the SLINGSHADE TOP is KILLER, follows the body lines and blends well with the top. Testing shows "about" a 10% - 12% LESS air movement in the cabin area and possible a little more depend on the front windshield you have on your Slingshot. Water-Jet Cut Aluminum and all fabricated and assembled by hand, this Mesh Windscreen will look killer in your Slingshot. Pick your theme color and place your order. The aluminum brackets for mounting is standard satin black for all of the R-Shot Windscreens - the hardware screws are STAINLESS STEEL - Note: These Pictures show everything in Aluminum Color...Please choose the color for YOUR Windscreen. Black is the best looking as it blends nicely, but dont hesitate to order your THEME COLOR. Remember while air flows over the front windshield, air also travels around the slingshot and comes from the back and into the middle of the cabin. This mesh screen deflector allows for some cancellation of air into the cabin and makes for better conversation and speaking to your passenger. This is the exact same concept as convertibles, i.e. BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles. Made from lightweight aluminum, powder coated and finished off in black trim that surrounds the screen. Supplied with a Micro Fiber towel for light cleaning of any bugs that might get swept up (Simply dampen the Micro Fiber cloth and ligltly brush off and flying insects) Your R-SHOT windscreen will arrive NICELY packaged, well rested in its cradle and ready to take on the wind its built for. Installations is a snap, just like all R-Shot Accessories - all instructions are in color. In 10 minutes you will have installed your windscreen and all that is left is to go for a RIDE. No fussing with an extended amount of tools, lights and wires. Guaranteed – EZ installation! **** Color FRAMED!!!! Mesh black fabric and black trim are standard! Allow 7 days to process the order for powder coating service, pickup and lead time to package your order.