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No cores, no mess, we only offer brand new valve covers direct from GM that are carefully prepped and powdercoated in your choice of color, this even includes a new valve cover gasket! We have brand new valve cover cores come in and then carefully prepare each one for the powder coating process. Most of these cores come in very rough and so special care is taken to prepare them for the powdercoating process. We smooth out the rough castings found on most of the valve covers to ensure that the powdercoat looks fantastic while also making sure no abrasive contaminates get into the inner workings of the valve cover. Once prepped, we then mask areas that do not need coating. After prepping of the valve cover, our powder coating professional's apply an even coat of powder to ensure good coverage without over applying that can lead to drips or irregularities in the finish. The powdercoated piece is then cured in our powdercoat oven and then we inspect the items to make sure that they look their best. After allowing the pieces to fully cool, they are inspected again and then they are carefully protected and prepared to ship to you. Please note, while we do our best to prepare each item and correct all material imperfections, some imperfections may persist.