Polaris Slingshot Front Splitter, Version 2

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Part Number:DDM-front splitter
The DDMWorks front splitter is designed to help manage the airflow on the front of the Slingshot, increase front downforce and also increase airflow through the radiator and intercooler. The thick 1/4" ABS splitter mounts securely to the front of the Slingshot using precision laser cut stainless steel brackets and all stainless steel hardware. Once installed, the splitter helps make air go around the Slingshot instead of under it,which helps to increase high speed stability. The splitter also comes with a stainless steel air diverter mounted in the center that channels air directly into the radiator and intercooler (if installed) and at the same time increases downforce on the front of the Slingshot. Lastly, the splitter also helps protect the front of your Slingshot from being damaged from scraping on steep driveways. The Splitter can be installed in just a couple hours on jack stands with regular hand tools.