NEW POLISHED 1320 Performance header Sling shot race ramhorn

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NEW 1320 Performance POLISHED Polaris Slingshot Mini Ramhorn header 1320 Performance Mini ramhorn header was designed to produce great power from 3000rpm all the way to redline while adding a great throatier sound to your SlingShot. Our header are constructed with high-quality POLISHED SUS304 stainless steel, and precise laser cut flanges. on our test car 100% stock with just our header on stock exhaust our car gained 9hp with our 1320 performance exhaust (available soon) we gain an amazing 18hp over stock. The stock cast manifold is not only ugly heavy but are a huge performance choke point due to tiny exhaust ports and flange ports. stock manifold collector size is only 1.742 inches our collector is true 2.5 inches Header Features: *Tig welded in and out for durability *ported runner and collector for extra smooth flow and most hp gain *True 2.5" collector *Precision laser cut flanges *OEM fitment can be used with stock exhaust and aftermarket exhaust system *Dual o2 sensor bung on header. Extra o2 sensor bung can be used or wide-band or other tuning oxygen sensor. Plug included if not used. *** OFF-ROAD USE ONLY*** NOT SMOG LEGAL CAN NOT BE USED ON EMISSION CONTROLLED VEHICLE