LITE YOUR SLINGZ RGB LED Wheel Light Kit for the Polaris Slingshot (Set of 3)

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Lite Your SWlingz Wheel Lights kit We are very excited to introduce the Standard RGB Wheel Light Kit for the Polaris Slingshot by Lite Your Slingz. Unlike other wheel light kits on the market, these wheel rings have been forged precisely for the Polaris Slingshot application by Zarate Steel Works. Don't settle for a generic off the shelf brand. Each wheel ring is composed of steel with the bolt tabs that are laser cut and bent into shape with a machine. Finally the rings are given a black powder coat to increase durability. Each wheel light kit includes (3) steel wheel rings with black powder coating, (9) standard RGB LED Strips for a brilliant display of light (3 per wheel), 1 RF Remote control, all necessary plug and play wiring extensions. The RF remote control, that is included, will give you the ability to cycle through a bunch of wheel light colors. There are 4 additional Standard RGB LED Add-on kits that we carry. Those add-on kits include the Main UnderGlow Kit, Front Spoiler / Grille Kit, Interior Lighting Kit, and Swingarm Kit. If you run all of the additional "add on" RGB lighting kits, it is possible that your Slingshot could compete with the Las Vegas lights.