Joker Slingshot Complete LED Package

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Joker Slingshot Complete LED Package

This Complete Led Package from Joker Slingshot will launch  your Slingshot to the next level in Led Lighting . Using  State of the art, customizable controller and phone APP, wth quality 3M  LED strips,  bringing to you, lighting effects unparalleled in todays industry.  iPhone & Android App: The specialized app works on both iPhone and Android devices. Giving you control over many parameters! The color-wheel allows you virtually infinite control over the exact hue and intensity of your RGB accessories. Adjustable Fade, Strobe, Color Shift and pre-programmed color-changing themes provide a handful of special effects. 30 mode light sequence plus a DIY function to create a custom color scheme for your slingshot.


Amongst other Industry firsts,  this package can be programmed and wired to provide Flow Through  Turn Signals,  featuring coordinated Led Progressive flashing along  Eyebrow and Eyelid Strips combined with signalling Halos. 

This Complete LED  Lighting Package contains, 

  • 6- 80mm Halos
  • 4-100 mm Halos
  • 2 Upper Eyebrow LED Strips
  • 2 Lower Eyebrow LED Strips
  • 2 Mirror LED  Multi Row Strips
  • 1 Polaris Slingshot  Grill Emblem 
  • 2 Lower Wing Strip Lights
  • 6 Splitters 12 zones
  • 2 Joker Slingshot 6 zone Controllers   

 Controller programed to your choice of customized programs using the Chasing, Flow, and Color Shift  LEDs.  You choose your own unique color shift patterns.

 Lower Fender, Side Panel LEDs Sold separately  

All LEDS ,  and Controllers warrantied to be free from defect in workmanship or material for a period of one year from date of purchase.  
CLICK HERE to open APP instructions  .