EZ-OFF SOFTOP by Slingshot Body Kits .com

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www.allthingsslingshot.com is pleased to introduce the new EZ-OFF SOFTOP from Slingshotbodykits,com Currently this top is available for pre-orders only for the first five beta users , while production tooling is being ramped up. A 20% discount off retail is available to those first five. The M.S.R.P. for production units will be $1,145.00

EZ-OFF SOFTOPS provide the ultimate in flexibility between soft tops and ridged tops. While providing all the protection from the sun and weather, of the ridged mounted top, in less than five minutes one person can remove or install a Softop (with minimal tools and effort), to revert back to that open air freedom provided by your Slingshot Roadster.

The EZ-OFF SOFTOP provides a long sleek , aerodynamically correct enclosure that completely encompasses the roll hoops, and streamlines the rear end . The entire EZ OFF SOFTOP is integrally supported by a full width structural cross bar mounted on four points across the back of the roll hoops , providing plenty of longitudinal rigidity while allowing the Softop to rotate within. While remaining firmly squared and attached at the roll hoops the Softop is free to be lowered or raised on telescoping tubes at the leading edge of the top. Providing easier access for cleaning , loading etc. A draw down safety cable is used to secure the telescoping tubes, on push pins, during highway speeds.

The EZ-OFF SOFTOP is manufactured using only the best, Sunbrella fabrics, upgraded to Sunbrella Plus which provides an additional urethane coating on the inside for abrasion and moisture resistance.

* The term Softop is inherited from the boat top industry where fabric over aluminum tube tops are referred to as softops. And fiberglass, polycarbonate or aluminum panel, tops are referred to as hard tops. The term Softop does not necessarily infer collapsable or foldable, but easily removable. In the case of the EZ-OFF SOFTOP it is easily removed , but does not fold or collapse, without dismantling.