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HI Antonio, please consider this your Balance Due invoice in accordance with the options and listing you selected below. Your balance due of $3999.00 +$400.00 shipping, totals $4399.00 . A credit of ($3500.00) has been applied, as you paid in advance on your deposit invoice. Therefore the Balance Due for your  Basic Quad Kit purchase  , as the product has shipped ,is only $899. 00  Please select the "ADD TO CART " button to pay your outstanding Balance Due 

Product shipped July 19/2022 UPS tracking # 1ZV5581X6874188709

PLUS 1 QUAD CONVERSION KITS  $5,799.00 - $6,999.00

Only pay a $2000 deposit today, plus upgrades, you do not have to pay the balance of  $3,999.00 for a Basic Kit , or $ 3,999.00 for a Bolt On Kit, until your custom order is ready for powder coating and shipping !

The Plus 1 Quad Conversion kit by All Things Slingshot is the newest quad conversion complete kit, featuring the unrivaled success of the new 5th Gen Camaro LSD. Posi-Trac differentials. These new lightweight G.M. rear ends provide the utmost in torque transfer technology to deliver the most aggressive cornering, handling, and accelerating capabilities that have landed the new Camaros the highest award winning rankings to date. these handling and traction improvements provide sensational improvements on the abilities of your Slingshot  as the handling capabilities go from good to excellent. Providing a Slingshot experience few will experience, for THOSE WHO DARE !   

The Plus 1 Quad kits come complete, fully assembled, ready for a one day installation on your SS. Or, in a much more economical  DIY kit for those with the abilities to assemble the entire rear end components in the prewelded chassis themselves.  The Adjustable Coil Overs and the industries lightest package make for an entirely new ride comparable to that of any high performance automobile . The entire Automotive Racing Industry has known for years that the Unequal length wishbone independent  suspension  makes for the best handling , cornering control available and now, all this is available in your Slingshot for not much more money than it may cost you if you are one of the unlucky many who have blown their angle drives. And saying goodbye, to those failing wheel bearings and whiney belt drives isnt going to hurt any bodies feelings either.   The Plus 1 Kit makes it easy to convert your Slingshot  from, a good handling three wheeler to a great handling four wheeler.  


Plus 1 Features 

  • The most competitive Independent Rear Suspension, featuring UNEQUAL ,non parallel, double wishbone  suspension and Adjustable Coil Overs provide for an amazingly comfortable ride.
  • Launch harder off the line with two wheels putting down the power. and rocket out of the corners as that LSD transfers the torque away from any slipping tire and accelerates hard with the added traction. 
  • Stop shorter with four brakes and more rubber touching the ground, with Drilled and Slotted performance rotors and ceramic pads
  • .Experience less body roll with two tires carrying the rear of the SS. and combined with the adjustable coil overs you can truly tune your rear suspension for your driving needs.
  • Corner with confidence with more rear grip and cornering capabilities than you ever imagined in a Slingshot       
                     .                                                                                                       Everything Except the 4th Tire
  The PLUS 1 kit includes all of the pieces you need except the extra rear tire and wheel. When ordering the kit you can decide if you want the Assembled , BOLT ON KIT, or in pieces. The fully assembled, BOLT ON KIT  is powder coated and ready to bolt directly to your Slingshot. BOLT-ON KIT $6,999. (only $2,000. deposit required today) You will be invoiced the $4,999. balance due, 7 days prior to shipping,

OR DIY.                                                                                                             Save $ big time by assembling the Basic Kit yourself. The chassis comes raw and you will be required to powder coat or paint it before you bolt in the differential, assemble the suspension, and install the brakes. Then you'll bolt the whole rear clip to the Slingshot. BASIC KIT $5,799 (only $2,000 deposit required today) Alternatively you can select having us do the powder coating for you and still save $900 bolting together the parts! You will be invoiced the $3,999. balance due, 7 days prior to shipping.  

Kit Includes:
  • Fully welded and drilled Rear Tubular Chassis
  • Gen 5 Camaro Differential
  •  CV Joint Axles
  • Driveshaft with Adapter and Tone Ring
  • Welded Control Arms,and adjustable rod ends
  • Upper and Lower QA1 Single Adjustable Coil Overs (Double Adjustable + $235.00)
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Uprights
  • Wheel Bearing Hubs to accept your 114.3 mm Polaris rims
  • Optional, Drilled And Slotted Performance Rotors and Ceramic Pads (+$100.00)
  • Brake Calipers, Hoses and Hardware
  • Parking Brake Cables and Slitter , for Both Wheel E Brakes
  •  Wheel Speed Sensor Adapter (O.E.M. traction control maintained)
  • Grade 8 Fastener Kit and Red Polyurethane Bushing Kits
The shipping price is not included in the kit price. It will vary depending on the options selected and your location. We will work to find you the lowest shipping price via UPS or YRC Freight. The fully assembled Bolt-On Kits will need to be shipped by freight due to the oversized dimensions. The unassembled Basic Kits can be shipped via UPS because the parts can be broken up into smaller packages. Shipping cost, if requested, is due with final balance of kit, invoiced 7 days  prior to shipping. 
The Plus 1 kits by All Things Slingshot  are manufactured by a Tubular Chassis Manufacturer in the Dallas Tx area,  free pick up is available at the manufacturing facility ,  Typical shipping costs in  lower 48, $350 to $550 
Current shipping time is 6-8 weeks. and All Things Slingshot will have units in inventory come fall. 
Powder Coating The Basic Kit is shipped uncoated. You will need to paint or have the parts powder coated yourself. Alternatively you can choose the powder coat option when you place your order. The Bolt-On Kit will be powder coated and assembled before it is shipped. The default color is gloss black. If you want your kit coated with a custom color, you will need to email us the color code from Prismatic Powders. Custom colors cost $100 more than the default gloss black.
Differential Options

Go  with the most affordable base 7.6 inch Open differential if you are building a great riding, cruising machine and enjoy the better fuel mileage with the higher gears or upgrade to an 8.6 LSD (Limited Slip Diff) rear end. Various gear options are available for the 8.6 rear ends. By default, all kits include the 7.6 inch differential from the Gen 5 V6 automatic Chevrolet Camaro. It is an open differential with 3.27 gears. Upgrade to a stronger rear end with a limited slip diff by selecting one of the 8.6 inch options. The 8.6 inch rear end is available with used OEM 3.27 (Gen 5 Auto V8 ) or 3.45 gears (Gen 5 Manual V8).  If you are building a seriously competitive , boosted or supercharged Slingshot then you would probably want to go for the lower,  torquier gears of the 3.45 final ratio diffs. All differentials include a 1 year warranty. See our terms for details. Kits with the 7.6 inch rear end include new OEM V6 auto axles. The kits with one of the 8.6 rear end options include new,  Custom Axles.

Is your Slingshot a 2015 or 2017 ?                                                              We will have to know if your Slingshot is a 2105 or 2016  as only these years require  different hardware at the  attachment bracket to the original frame design. You will have to notify us of this as the default is 2017 and newer .  

How It Works ,
The Plus 1  kit is a DIY  4 wheel conversion kit for your Slingshot. This means you will install the kit yourself. But don't worry! We've done all of the fabrication and other hard work for you so installing the kit is very simple. no welding, no drilling required.  ** Regional installers will be available soon. If you are interested in having the kit installed for you, please contact All Things Slingshot directly. **  

The Build Process A Simple Weekend Project  for one guy.                                   Disassemble the rear of your Slingshot to remove the swing arm and angle drive. Bolt the Project 324 frame and suspension to the rear of your Slingshot. Replace the Slingshot driveshaft with the supplied Plus 1 drive shaft. Connect the Slingshot brake hose, parking brake cable and wheel speed sensor. Bleed the brakes, install the rear wheels and hit the road.

Plus 1 Quad kits are a Custom MADE TO ORDER ITEM,  all made to order items are subject to conditions on All Things Slingshot   published Returns Policy 


Warranty, The manufacturer warrants the product to be free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of one year .The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace such deficiencies at his discretion.  No other warranties or obligations are implied.           These items are custom built to order and as such deposits are non refundable.