Joker Slingshot LED Grill Emblem

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Joker Slingshot LED Grill Emblem

This Polaris Slingshot LED Grill Emblem from Joker Slingshot will launch  your Slingshot to the next level in Led Lighting . Using  State of the art, customizable controller and APP with   quality  LEDs, bringing to you, lighting effects unparalleled in todays industry.

iPhone & Android App: The specialized app works on both iPhone and Android devices. Giving you control over many parameters! The color-wheel allows you virtually infinite control over the exact hue and intensity of your RGB accessories. Adjustable Fade, Strobe, Color Shift and pre-programmed color-changing themes provide a handful of special effects. 30 mode light sequence plus a DIY function to create a custom color scheme for your slingshot.


This Multi Row LED Slingshot Grill Emblem includes,

  • Slingshot Emblem Grill Light
  • Splitter
  • 2 zone Controller

 Controller programed to your choice of customized programs using the Chasing, Flow, and Color Shift  LEDs.  You choose your own unique color shift patterns 

All LEDS ,  and Controllers warrantied to be free from defect in workmanship or material for a period of one year from date of purchase.  
CLICK HERE, to open APP instructions