UAS Rotor Style Wheel Rings , Aluminum, Optional lightstrips

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These All Aluminum, Welded, one piece wheel rings by Underground Auto Styling are designed to mount centered on your rotors giving them that Big Brake look. Never worry about rusted steel rings again, or busted rivets. Only U.A.S. wheel lights mount centered within your wheels, simply remove your brake caliper bolts and reinstall with rings slid in.

These durable, long lasting, Tig welded, aluminum wheel rings are featured at a M.S.R.P. OF $275.00  for a set of 3 wheel rings.

RGB LED light strips are available as an option and sold per row, (one row, $90.00 equals three strips, one for each ring) The basic three row lights are available as an upgrade to the rings at an additional $270.00 (three x 90)  .As many as 6 more rows could be added, featuring up to 5 rows on the outside and two rows on the inner and two more on the outer side of the inside  of the rings, for a wild 3D Look.  The default is outside lights, you will have to note in comments if you wish some rows inside 

***on factory 17 rims, we recommend only putting lights on the inside.***

An R.G.B. Controller is available with a prewire kit, or you could control with any  Controller with  excess capabilities you may already have in use , elsewhere on your Slingshot.